Letter 6

From the book "Letters to a young friend"

How clear the blue sky is, vast, timeless and without space. Distance and space is a thing of the mind; there and here are facts, but they become psychological factors with the urge of desire. The mind is a strange phenomenon. So complex by the many psychological compulsions. It is this that causes conflict and pain, the resistance and the acquisitions. To be aware of them, and let them pass by and not be entangled in them, is arduous. Life is a vast flowing river. The mind holds in its net the things of this river, discarding and holding. There should be no net. The net is of time and space, it is the net that creates here and there; happiness and unhappiness.

Pride is a strange thing, pride is small things and big things; in our possessions, in our achievements, in our virtues, pride or race, name and family; in capacity, in looks, in knowledge. We make all this feed this pride, or we run to humility. The opposite of pride is not humility-it is still pride, only it is called humility; the consciousness of being humble is a form of pride. The mind has to be something. It struggles to be this or that, it can never be in a state of nothingness. If nothingness is a new experience, it must have that experience, the very attempt to be still is another acquisition. The mind must go beyond all effort only then… 

Our days are so empty, filled with activities of every kind, business, speculation, meditation, sorrow and joy. But in spite of all these, our lives are empty. Strip a man of position, power or of money, what is he? He had all that show, outwardly, but he is empty, shallow, inwardly. One can’t have both, the inner and other riches. The inner fullness far outweighs the outer. One can be robbed of the outer, outer events can shatter what has been carefully built up; but the inner riches are incorruptible, nothing can touch them, for they have not been put together by the mind.

The desire to fulfill is very strong in people and they pursue it at any cost. This fulfillment, in every way and in any direction, sustains people; if fulfillment fails in one direction, then they try in another. But is there such a thing as fulfillment? Fulfillment may bring a certain satisfaction, but it soon fades away and again we are in the hunt. In the understanding of desire the whole problem of fulfillment ceases. Desire is effort to be, become, and with an ending to becoming the struggle to fulfill vanishes.

“ Pain itself destroys pain. Suffering itself frees man from suffering. „
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